Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 24 - Heather Carlberg

Temperature at 8 a.m.: 66o
Barometer at 8 a.m.: 28.8

Today started out early. Up at 5:30 am and ready to go by 7 for lessons by Brandon and Tony. We then headed out into the bright horizon searching for new discoveries and awaiting the adventures we knew laid ahead. Even though we started out at a balmy 42o F, our spirits didn’t waiver. The day grew brighter and better as the sun rose higher and higher into the bright bluen yonder. Our fearless and ever joyous leader, Brandon, proposed a 27 kilometer, or a 16 and a half mile, paddle for this sunny morn. As we finally left our makeshift camp, the sun warmed our wet clothes, lifted our already high spirits even more, and made the day a lot drier. Not for long, however; for we had 5 rapids and/or portages proposed to accomplish before we reached our final destination at the 6th to last portage.

The first was a simple just follow the V’s, and away we went quick behind our ever knowledgeable leader Jeff. Brandon and I, and I assume the rest of our group did too, got a wee bit of water over our gunwales. I ended up using my shoe to bail the water from the bow, while Brandon used a sponge to soak up as much water as he could from the stern. The second rapids followed shortly after, yet they never appeared, and we drifted onto the third set and after some good long deliberations, we ended up having to portage our gear across. The fourth set was shallow enough we started to line them through. However, after about a half hour we encountered a waterfall and we ended up portaging around the fall. We continued another few kilometers, and we ended up at the 5th rapids set. It ended up being easily navigable long sections that we drifted across. We then were under way on our way to #6. After some careful planning and deliberations, we decided to run them in hopes of the larger campsite on the island after the rapids.

The island never appeared and we were forced to stop for the night. With no place for our tents, we were forced to bivy it up for the night. Everyone piled layers upon layers, either to dry them against their body heat or to warm up for the chilly night. We cooked quick and simple meals, claimed a spot somewhere in the small clearing, snuggled into our sleeping bags or bivy sacks, and huddled together for the night that lay ahead. Well ECOEEIAN followers and well wishers, it is off to bed for this tired ECOEEIAN, until next time, with love to all, and hopes of the great adventures that lay ahead of us,


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