Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 21 - Justin Morris

Quote of the day:
“It is by acts, not by ideas that people live.” - Anatole France

Average Temperature: 70 degrees (F) Barometer: 28.3 Wind: 3-10 MPH

Another day, another canadian dollar. The group started this morning with a little more urgency than usual. Attempting to exemplify professionalism as well as our commitment to why were here. For the most part we were successful, nearly meeting our 7:00 A.M. deadline. Monica, the leader of the day, encouraged us to aim high after yet another mental day where we watched the clouds and storms go by. It felt good to be back on the water and moving again, all of us exemplified this by singing the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song. More or less just humming it. The first half of the day came and went. Knocking out both our portages that were planned for the day over waterfalls and facing only minor resistance from Jeffʼs mother, mother nature. After our little tiff with the wind on Lake Sowden and our explosive early afternoon, we began to feel the effects of our sun and started to slow down. Regardless, we pushed on to reach our final destination at Camp Cozy, which was more of a front country campground in comparison to where we had been. Some of us had our fingers crossed for a vending machine with candy and sodas and of course we were let down. Although we never got our soda and candy fix, we managed to take hot showers and revamp our attitudes a bit with some well cooked backcountry food. The smell of brownies consumed the air and the campers prepared themselves for nightfall. WAIT! Itʼs my group making the brownies, YESSSSSSS!!!! Well life is a garden yaʼll, just dig it!


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