Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 40- Heather Carlberg

These peaks rose around us as we awoke to a pink sunrise at our Lander Campground. We ate a breakfast of biscuits and gravy prepared by the chef, Nicki. We then packed and loaded the vans and headed out towards Cody, WY. Away we went across the red plains under the rising sun, ever bright, and through the glorious red rises of the Upper Wind River Range of the Rockies.

Wanders are we, though never lost, we are in search of knowledge and adventure. Joe Harper, a United States Forest Service (USFS) Wildlife Biologist at the Shoshone National Forest Branch gave us knowledge to dwell upon. He informed us about how the USFS deals with wolves, bears, and ranchers, as well as fires and managing the wildlife within the Shoshone National Forest. As we loaded into our vans on our way to our next camp, we remembered that Mr. Harper had told us we would be traveling upon the same road built an hundred some years ago, through men’s blood, sweat, and tears.

We headed to Walgreens, grabbed Justin’s prescription, and some last minute snacks for the road. We headed out of Cody destined for what lay beyond the pass in ht mountains. As we drove, we gazed at the majestic beauty that surrounded us. From the red quartz sandstone hills, bluffs, and mountains, to the tan grassy plains, we realized that this is a place unlike any other. This is Yellowstone.

We had a mix up in direction by Monica, the LOD, which caused about an hour delay, but we arrived in a discrete campsite by a bubbling brook with a rugged peak for a glorious back drop. We ended our day on full stomachs from Nicki’s delish horseshoes, and full minds from Joe Harper and the brief for the next day.

Life ever changing, minds ever growing, we prepare for the new adventures that lie ahead. Ignite your passion, live your adventure.

Until next time, with love to all back home,

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