Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 29 - Katy Hunt

Another day another lesson learned for the ECOEEE clan as a late night tucked away in a cozy cabin at Camp Confidence in Minnesota turned into an early morning. A lot of the ECOEE participants took advantage of the warm shelter by staying up late into the night working on homework and catching up with friends back home.

But a late night always brings an early morning for us all and everyone’s bright and shiny faces were up at 6:00 am. Our fantastic host Bob greeted us with a scrambled egg and bacon pizza including a variety of breakfast drinks we all had been craving.

After a quick wrap up of the facility’s main lodge, we hit the road for a six hour drive and 205 miles later we arrived in Lake City, MN, at a campground to stay the night. Once we were all settled in our home for the night, a great treat was in store for us. You see my fellow ECOEE lovers; this little town of Minnesota holds a WIU legend by the name of Doc.

Frank “Doc” Lupton was the original coordinator of ECOEE and built the program from the ground up. With a belief in the importance in the importance of education and the love of fellow outdoorsman, Doc traveled the short distance from his home to the campground to share stories and advice from ECOEEs past.

After a few stories and lots of laughs, Doc rose from his chair and asked if ice cream for Dairy Queen should be a part of our day. Before we traveled off for an icy treat, the local photographer stopped by and took a few snap shots with his old school film camera for the local press.

Dinner by Heather included a delicious variety of fresh veggies, fruits and meats followed by an evening of knots and rope trick lessons by our guest of honor.

Doc is proof that a passion and voice can carry on long after the reins have been passed on; you just have to know how to use them.


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