Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 23 - Brittany Abrams

Today the group woke up at 7:00AM after a long nights slumber because of last evenings rainy cold weather. The sleep was much needed I would have to say so myself. The morning was still cool and wet but we had lots to catch up on. Justin, our Leader of the Day (LOD), was asking us to tear down camp after we cooked ourselves some breakfast. Brandon was out Assistant Leader of the Day (ALOD) and was doing a great job as usual by keeping all of us positive. After all was taken care of Katy debriefed us from the day before which was such a crazy weather day that had some of us scared and worried what was to happen next especially while hurrying off the water when lightning was striking near and giant gum ball sized hail was beating down on us. Everyone shared their thoughts and agreed it was a great learning experience. After debrief Justin then gave a lesson about Great Exploration and then introduced us to Edible and Medic-able Plants. As the day stayed gloomy and grey we set off paddling to our next destination. We didn’t make it far because the winds picked up and we settled on an island for the night. Jeff gave another instruction on the j-stroke when paddling since some were still struggling with it. TEC plans were also explained to us once again because we were confused on them too. Heather gave her lesson on the Ojibwe People and the Fur Trade. Soon after we broke for dinner and met again for debrief. The sky began to clear and stars filled the dark sky as Jeff explained the cold weather the morning was to bring. Right now I am sitting out under the stars waiting for the bread to bake with Molly and Sarah. My thoughts fill with the thought of how we have only three days left on the river and as nice as it sounds to go back to heat, showers, electricity, technology, and what not- I will sure miss the back country life and dropping out of society for the few weeks. Even just the thought of not being able to live this different lifestyle that I and many others may never experience again makes me sad. Being here and learning from Jeff and Steve as well as my fellow ECOEEians is and has been a great opportunity. I hope all of us can look back at our time out here and appreciate it. The next few days will be busy and hard work but will be an awesome accomplishment when we finish! Until then we will keep on rollin down the river and seeing what more can be brought upon us.

“There are three kinds of people in the world, the wills, the won'ts and the can'ts. The first accomplish everything; the second oppose everything; the third fail in everything.”

Peace and Love to all,

Brittany Abrams

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