Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 43- Molly Corrigan

This morning we woke up at Madison Campground in Yellowstone. Brandon our master chef for the day made scrambled eggs, ham, bacon, sautéed vegetables and a breakfast pizza. Little did we know he had also prepared a cake for Jeff’s birthday. We gobbled down our breakfast and gathered around for Tony’s Outdoor Education Lesson. The lesson consisted of a game called “The Animal Station Rotation,” where we all split into groups of three and gathered at one of four stations that tested our knowledge of animals. Group three, Brandon, Brittany, and Katy, were the winners. My group would have tied if it wasn’t for my understandable mistake at the “Antlers or Horns” station.

Then it was off to Old Faithful which I and some of the group have been waiting for since we arrived to Yellowstone. There were so many things to see, hot springs, geysers, visitor centers and gift shops. The only way our leader, Sarah, would know that everyone was satisfied was to give us the choice to see what we want and split up for three hours. We were told to meet up at 2:30 for a mile long interpretation walk. Ranger Landis our Interp guide gave us tons of information on the geysers and the history of the park.

After the talk it was time for Jeff’s birthday surprise dinner. I think he was skeptical at first but on the way home I knew he had enjoyed it because he was actually playing music and singing along. I guess he really enjoyed our company or maybe it was his pork chops.

It was dark before we got back to camp. Everyone changed into warmer clothes and got ready for brief and debrief. Around 11:00 I was getting ready for bed when I noticed the dutch oven with Jeffs cake was sitting on the picnic table untouched. I held back from grabbing a pieced before cuddling up in my sleeping bag. I guess the cake will have to wait till tomorrow.

Thinking about you every day,

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