Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 19 - Monica Gummow

A Bedtime Story

Once upon a time in a far away land called "Ka-Na-Duhh" there was a group of explorers. they had been on a river trip for nine days when the group came to a set of rapids just too dangerous to cross. Instead, they took the most grueling portage of their entire expedition, a whopping mile and quarter. A trek so intense, only one thing could be carried at a time. This meant that each of the fourteen explorers had to make this trip at least six times The leader of the day claimed to have walked the trail enough times to have covered 12 whole miles. This entire journey took 5 exhausting hours before all of the gear had been successfully transported.

The day was not over yet though and the weary explorers still had more work to do to push on to their final destination. The travelers perked up for an afternoon of paddling. Unfortunately for the group, a hurricane like storm looned in the horizon. bringing not rain but grueling winds. Try as they might, the group could not continue to battle the forces of nature and decided to make camp on a small island in Lake Wabazikaskwi.

After a hard day filled with work the group enjoyed time together by playing games and learning folklore and myths. One legend they heard was about the old wise man who traveled with the explorers as a guide and advisor. A story was told about how this old wise man and how he came to be on this earth. It was revealed that unlike normal humans "Jeeves", as he was called, was not like you and me. But rather he was once a tree, who heard the call of needy students in the distance. Upon hearing their cries for knowledge, Jeeves grew legs and sprung from the forest, paddle in hand. I suppose one could say "he was born that way."

As the night came to a end, the explorers found the way to their tents with a evening of stories and games still on their minds. Proud of the hard work they had accomplished earlier that day they laid down to rest, preparing for another day of hard paddling. With a good night wish to one another, they fell asleep dreaming of their forthcoming adventures.
Good night and sleep tight ECOEE followers!

The End

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