Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 45- Brandon Wessels

From Yellowstone to the Grand Tetons, that was the journey that was ahead of us when we woke up and had chow at 8 this morning. By 9:15 we were on the road, but it wasn't too long before we stopped at a nearby post office to send souvenirs and presents to loved ones back home...little did we know the post office wouldn't accept credit or debit cards so people like Jen ended up being S.O.L. And had to pack their would-be mail back up. Once we got back on the road we had about three hours to drive before we reached the Grand Tetons.

When we reached the visitor center where we were supposed to shower at, we came to the sad realization that the water at the facility had been turned off which meant no showers for this ECOEE group this day...but then our LoD Molly and her faithful assistant Katy went in the visitor center to check if there were other shower facilities around and, to the extreme delight of our group there were, and we were going to take advantage of them since some of us hadn't showered in two weeks.

Before we were able to take our showers we had to go set our campsites up and then meet with Scot Guenther, a manager and rescuer at the Jenny Lake Rescue Cache. Scott explained to us all what his job entailed him to do. He made a good point at explaining and expressing the fact that rescue isn't just about saving people but also that there's a lot of planning, paperwork, and logistics that must be done before a rescue team goes out in search of the victim.

After our meeting with Scott we drove to a recreation center located in Jackson Hole. This was the lovely place where our showers were located at. The showers were $7.00 a person, but after 2 weeks of not showering the money didn't really seem all too horrible of a price to pay.

Once the group was all squeaky clean Molly sent one van to the grocery store to do a food buy for the next couple days and the other van went back to the campground to set the tents and kitchen up. When the food buy van came back to the campground they had eight pizzas with them which we devoured through and through. Being squeaky clean from the showers and with my belly full of pizza, this sleepy ECOEE member is going to go zonk out.

Goodnight friends and family,
Brandon Wessels

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