Friday, August 23, 2013

8/23/13 Cabin Fever

Cassandra Roy
Cabin Fever
            As we awoke from our first night in the “backcountry” of Canada was rose to greet the upcoming sun. Our groups cooked breakfast and tried to pack our canoes as quickly as possible. As this was our first time getting on the river we went slower than expected and entered the Grass River later than we had planned. Our tardiness in addition to taking the wrong way when entering the river quickly lead to us having to get to land as white caps were approaching. We pulled up to the only possible place, which was located upon a small island. Upon closer inspection we found an old abandoned cabin; or as we call it now the Cabin Fever Island. Today could have been a wasted day but we once again used the time to our advantage and had a lesson taught by Jeff. Each of us took a short test and discovered what type of leadership style we possess. Each of us were grouped within; idea, process, people, and product. We all had a good laugh listening to our general descriptions and realizing how correct some of them were. A couple of hours passed and we were able to get back to our canoes and head to our next camping destination. After getting confused once more with navigation we finally made it; and it is beautiful. We have enough space to camp and a rocky terrain that serves well for watching the sun set with a spectacular view.
            “Turn your face to the sun and let your shadows fall behind you.”-Charlotte Witton

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