Tuesday, August 13, 2013

8/13/13-Last Minute Preperation

                                                       Last Minute Preparation
                                                         Rogelio Hernandez

What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. – Napoleon Hill

The cabins are clean, the floors are swept, the bags are packed, lessons have been taught, words have been spoken, and it is time for us to leave.
These past 4 days have been rough to say the least. A whole lot of work was achieved over these past few days, and yet our journey has just begun.
Today will mark our first van ride on our journey to the backcountry of the grass river. It is actually quite overwhelming to me that all the work that is in store for us, but yet ready for the challenges that await.
Although I feel a bit overwhelmed, I’m also rejoining with my group members, the amount that we learned together last semester and these past few days was tremendous. With us heading out to Canada we can continue to fill our minds with more knowledge, with more peace, and with more reason to conquer on.
With this I leave you with a poem- Green up poem

The time has come once again.
To show what we can do.
To work together as a team
Not just one or two
Together we can do anything our heart desires
You know we have done it even though we are tried
So let’s look for comfort and cheer
Because together we have a goal that we have to
And that’s the best team that anyone has seen yet.
Because together we can do it.
Together we can
Together we can be the best team in the land.

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