Saturday, August 10, 2013

8/10-The Return of Beginnings

The Return of Beginnings
Day 1: 08/10/13
"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."- Albert Einstein

On a gorgeous blue sky cloudless sunny day, fourteen friends and future living partners gathered at Horn Field Campus for the experience of a lifetime that will never be forgotten. As they began to arrive and settle in, the nerves up to that moment quickly vanished. Summer memories were shared, ice-breaker games were played, and the expedition team of ECOEE 2013 had reconnected. We then were described the coursework by 'the word from above', course instructor Jeff Tindall. After having our first meal together which was a form of a bean tacquito-burrito we would then go on to do more preparation for our soon departure for the backcountry. Packing canoes, cleaning trailers, cutting ropes, were a few of things we had finished. We then created a list of the rest of our priorities to be finished before we embark towards the Grass River of Manitoba. For dinner, we enjoyed some scrumptious Walk N' Tacos, and afterwards we went on to complete the rest of the tasks for the day. Later on we would go on to debrief upon our experience, leaders of the week , and the overall experience of the first day. We followed this by watching "The Champions of the Land", which was a movie on the history of environmental conservation movement, and some of the histories greatest impacting people such as John Muir, Aldo Leopold, Rachel Carson, Teddy Roosevelt, and more. All in all, ECOEE had re-assimilated in a wonderful fashion, as excitement filled the air. Here is a short poem I wrote, called "The Return of Beginnings".

This time is now, to go about how
growing personally, as a group, and opening up new doors willingly.
With a passionate start, I'm excited for what's to come.
New learning experience like never before, making me so very excited for what's in store,
to give it my all, remember to always stand up if you happen to stumble or fall,
try not to stall and keep your head tall!
-Norris Andriuskevicus

We will continue to post blogs till we depart for the backcountry!
-ECOEE 2013

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