Thursday, August 15, 2013

8/15/13-What A Blast

Day 7- “What a blast!”    Quinn Moore

Where do I start? Do I start with all the awesome scenery we see every day, the most enthusiastic people we have met or do I start with the sheer amount of personal growth I have experienced these past few days?
First off I will talk about the scenery we have seen today on our journey to Canada. Today we traveled from northern Minnesota to Winnipeg Canada. The trip took a little over five hours, and within these five hours the group saw a lot of beautiful landscapes. Getting through the boarder took a less time then I imagined. I expected the border crossing to take a lot longer because we have two fifteen passenger vans, towing two fully loaded trailers along with fourteen people. Once we were through we headed on the road toward Winnipeg. Right over the border the land was all farm land. There were miles and miles of corn and bean fields. All of the corn and bean fields and flat lands made me feel so much at home since we left Horn field. Once we hit Winnipeg I expected it to look a lot different than cities back in the states. I was very surprised to see the similarities between both countries. Once we hit the Living Prairie Museum we met a very informative and enthusiastic individual by the name of Kyle.
Kyle set up some great informational slides to teach the group about the long grass prairie. Kyle knew all about the prairie, and he taught us with the same amount of enthusiasm that the group had for learning. We all left the Living Prairie Museum with more knowledge about tall grass prairie then we knew before. Once we left the museum we headed to Birds Hill Provincial Park.
Upon entering the park and picking the campsite the group jumped out of the vans and proceeded to do their daily chores. The food was cooked, and the tents were set up in record time! We all sat down and proceeded to eat a great dinner. Once we were done, and everything was cleaned the group circled up to debrief the day. Everyone brought great insight, and experience to the debriefing.
As I mentioned earlier, personal development is an outcome that everyone experiences daily with this program. I know during my daily reflection I learned that I grow each and every day. I learned that all of the new experiences that I come in contact with everyday help me to become a more driven individual. I know that I must keep on improving because ECOEE will only give out what I put into it. Knowing this I plan on continuing to work hard, and make this the best life experience I can ever have.
“Here’s a little something for the group”
                “Roses are red
                Violets are blue
                I stink
                And so do all of you!”

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