Saturday, August 24, 2013

8/24/13-Rain, Rest, and Renewal

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Rain, Rest, and Renewal
Andrew Busker
            Today was our first layover day in the Canadian backcountry. We awoke on this beautiful, rocky island and soon found ourselves confined to or tents in order to stay out of the small passing storm. As the rain temporarily died down we enjoyed breakfast and prepared to embrace the wave of meetings that would take up the day. The first of those was the transition of leadership. Like in movies where the most important, touching, inspirational soothing scenes happen, a simple yet consistent rain fell from the sky as we debriefed the leaders from this week. Even though this was no tear jerking group discussion—unless people tried counting all the mosquitos—the rain seemed to wash away the week’s observations and frustrations, leaving us all refreshed as new leaders emerged. Our discussion passed briefly as the storm returned, but once again it passed. All storms pass in time, everything must come to an end and now the former leaders can rest and renew their spirits.
            We all refreshed ourselves in multiple ays today. Some took naps, some went fishing, some took baths, and others got 15 leeches on their feet. But I am pretty sure that Northern Pike was worth it. As we all did our own thing to renew ourselves, we attended meetings with Jeff and Shane to discuss the past week and prepare for the week ahead. Jeff made some pretty good bread too.
            When the leaders for the upcoming week got out of their meeting, they rounded us up to discuss tomorrow’s plan of action. As we listened to the plan and looked over the map, positivity and anticipation flooded among the group. Today, we rested. Tomorrow, we paddle.

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