Thursday, August 29, 2013

8/29-To portage or ot to portage that is the question!?

Day 20, Aug. 29th
            Today we left the best camp site we have had yet for the worst time our ECOEE crew has experienced yet. Everyone was looking forward to running rapids for the first time. Instead we got stuck a bridge, a ripple, and portaging 3 times. The first one was a lesson of how organization can make or break your porting times. The second was meh with little to no improvements. Honestly we probably did worst than the first one. Definitely began putting a damper on the whole rapid to portaging ratio. Creepy up to our next port we came up to what Jeff would refer as a ripple but what Tyler and I would say a mood killer beached our boat on a stray rock, I finally get why the Titanic went down. Those things are impossible to see and as the two cockiest members in the lead boat watching everyone learning from your mistake is not something that puts you in a on top of the word mood, if you know what I am saying. The third was just redundancy at its finest as Cassi and Kyle had continuously point out. With an unworkable hill to the right side and a drop off that spelled certain injury if anyone would have had an unfortunate spill, to the left. The crew pushed through it in a rather untimely manner but when it comes down to it we worked as a team helping and trading gear with each other and finally got the knockout blow in the tenth. After what felt going the distance with Apollo Cree we found our next camp site at the top of a mosquito ridden hill. Thank god for Norris' 99% deet or I really would have been done for. Can't let the cal zone Liz, Shayla and myself made for dinner that night slip through the cracks. Like I said before teamwork is the key to back country portaging trips.

                                                     _Dustin S. Granat                                                                                                                            "Inspire while being Inspired"

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