Thursday, August 15, 2013

8/15/13-Inspiring Minds with Helpful Hearts

Day 6   8/15/13
Inspiring Minds with Helpful Hearts
Kevin Williams

"The Sun is Shining, the birds are singing, It's a Great Day to be Alive." -Frank Lupton
Starting the day off with the man himself, the founder of our program, Frank Lupton. Sharing his wisdom and stories over breakfast he inspired us all to help people and the environment. We strolled through Camp Confidence with him by our side, and as a great outdoor educator with a heart of gold, guided and spoke to us about the camp. Leaving; we all had taken away something special from the guidance and wisdom that Doc Lupton, Jeff, and Bob had given us. Heading to our next destination we encountered small towns and long roads, which for most of us, made us question the credibility and quality of our next stop, Deep Portage. Pulling in we drove 2 1/2 miles on a dirt road surrounded by trees. Pulling down a hill to a huge parking lot we were met and greeted by a smiling face and a warm hearted lady, Molly Malecek. Telling us to follow, she began showing us the campus of the outdoor education center that she was the assistant director of. She showed us how everything was powered there and it was all renewable energy! It was how Molly put it, totally tubular. Ending the tour 3 hours later and 3 hours later wiser, we were standing 150ft high on a tower overlooking a breath taking view of tall, beautiful, hills of green trees and a large, calm, blue lake still as can be. These visits allowed the group to not only see the beauty of the land but also the beauty in human beings who dedicate themselves to helping people and the natural world which provides life to all.

"A Thing to Remember"
When your down, remember to look up
When your up, remember, don't look down

When you feel along, remember your not
when your not alone, remember you are your own

If you get mad, remember life's to short
If you are happy, remember to enjoy it

If you can't forget, remember to forgive
If you for forget, then forget
For the important things you will always remember.

-Kevin Williams

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