Sunday, August 18, 2013

8/18/13 Rivers and Roads

Rivers and Roads
Kyle Pickett

            When we woke up this morning we woke up to the sound of thunder. And while this could have dampened our spirits, the group stayed positive. We got ready quickly and then broke down camp to head out to Oak Hammock Marsh for our interpretive tour. We encountered our first storm on the way and quickly got our rain gear on when we arrived at our destination. We headed inside and we were greeted by a very impressive set up of the marsh land. Our tour guide Paula soon greeted us and we began. She told us all about the marsh and its history. She also told us about all the wildlife that was in the area and how important they were to the area. We then had a tour outside with our guides Craig and Brian. The two guides took us on a small voyager trip around the marsh where we learned of the plants that were found there as well as seeing the animals who lived there. The second tour outside was led by Paula where she gave us an interpretive walk of the marsh. While on the walk we were able to witness a rare site of a Prairie Falcon which is not common to the area.
            After the tour we soon headed out and began our long journey to our next campsite. This journey soon became even longer as we soon encountered a small problem. The campsite we wanted to stay at was full. Because of this we continued down the road in search of another place to stay. We ended up having to drive all the way to a town called the Pas to find a place to stay the night. Yet while we traveled along that long road to get to our next stop, we got to experience the feeling of being alone with no one but ourselves around. With this feeling we got experience time alone with each other and got to become closer as a group and as friends
“At the end of the open road, we come to ourselves”- Louis Simpson

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