Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 2 - Molly Corrigan

August 14th 2011

Quote of the day:

“A single arrow is easily broken but not ten in a bundle” –Japanese Proverb

“Men who trim themselves to please others will only widdle themselves away” –Charles Schwab


Today was an eventful day. We woke up between 6:30 and 6:45 and headed to breakfast. Monica
started the day off right with a delicious banana coffee cake with yogurt and fruit. Once finished we had a lesson on risks and hazards that we need to be conscience of. We split into two groups and made a list of things that can “hurt, kill me, or make me sick out there.” Then we had to label each hazard as objective or subjective. The group with the most hazards wins and the prize was Dairy Queen bought by Jeff as long as it doesn’t get too dark, it got too dark.

After the activity Jeff taught us how to put the trailer on the van. Then it was off the Spring Lake to spend the day on the canoe. We were taught the parts of the canoe and paddle, along with the different strokes needed. We picked personal flotation devises (PFD) and canoe partners and got in the lake. We practiced the strokes taught and paddling straight, which was harder for some. My canoe went in a circle at one point. Then it was time for lunch before switching positions with our partners. Monica made cucumber sandwiches, I ate way too much.

Now it was time to get wet. Two boats would tip over at a time and each boat would be rescued. Every canoe played the role of rescuer and rescuee. Everyone really enjoyed this, the water was perfect. We got to have some fun by racing to rescue someone and yelling “Are you ok!”

After the excitement it was time for some real paddling. We paddled about 2 kilometers and everyone improved. We went through a small river and my partner, Sarah, and I must have banged into the river bank 6 times. It was time to head back to Horn Field so we loaded the canoes on to the trailer and the cooks took one van to start dinner while the other van, the cooler van ;), went to Horrabin to drop off the extra paddles and PFD that are not needed.

When our van got back from Horrabin Heather and I, the leader of the day (LOD) and the assistant
(ALOD), discussed what was expected of us and made an itinerary for the following day. Everyone else, besides the cooks, check the canoes to pick which ones will be used for our expedition.

Yummy Yummy, dinner is served! We ate baked chicken with peppers and onions with rice, another one of Monica fabulous recipes. Once all full, we all collected 6 maps each and folded them and put them into ziplock bags. Now it was time for debrief. We discussed the goals Tony (amazing LOD) had made for the day, communication, time management, and efficiency, and everyone pretty much agreed that we did a good job in accomplishing these goals. Next Tony was on the Hot Seat, were we told him how pleased we were with his hard work and he definitely set the bar for the future LODS.

Now it was time to sleep but we had to end our first full day in style with a hands in huddle. One, two, three ECOEE!

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