Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 12 - Tony Beyer

Wet and Wild Wednesday would be a great name to sum up today. Another bright and early day,
8:00am start followed by THE portage. Grueling and rainy Jeff (the jedi) Tindall instructed us on how to carry our canoes across the Jurassic like terrain. As the morning went on the rain, temperature and wind got worse, but we trudged on. One trip at a time we carried our gear, until four and a half hours and a few spills later we were at the end. Little Monica had her troubles carrying a pack that weighed more than her, she took a few spills (12) after further calculations, but she made it through. Corey and I happened to be the 1st one out, so we waited for our fellow ECOEEians to come out across the trail. Little to my surprise everyone came out all smiles. As the rain poured on us, we laughed, and for what reason? I don’t know, but we were giggling like school girls, especially when Schtephen almost went swimming while loading the canoe. While I pointed and cackled at his clumsiness, of course I go down, jokes on me right?

Well we started off on the river, about three hours too late, but soon pulled out due to the dropping temperatures and there wasn’t a campsite for nine miles. We all called our respective campsites, which we soon found out, were terrible choices. But of course Jeff and Steve’s was just perfect. Apparently camping under seven widow makers is a bad choice?

We then debriefed the day and our LOD Brandon, who was just superb. He led us perfectly and truly cared about his group. After debrief we got done somewhat early, which is a first, but that’s all for now.

“It’s just a box of rain that will ease the pain and love will see you through.”

-Tony Beyer

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