Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 18 - Molly Corrigan

“one foot in and one foot back, it doesn’t pay to live like that” – Avett Brothers

This morning we were suppose to have our canoes packed and ready to go by 6:30 which ended up being 7:00. Our destination was 12 miles away to Mackenzie Lake, just before our big 1.25 mile portage. We did a few sets of rapids today the highest being a class 2. I know my canoe partner, Steve and I were proud to make it through and I am sure we weren’t the only ones in the group that felt that way.

The next set of rapids we had the choice to line our boats or portage them. Only Jeff had the experience to go down a class three rapid, which looked like a waterfall to me. Tony, Jeff’s canoe partner for the day, suggested they go down it. So everyone gathered around the rapids to watch their fate. Heading for the rapids Jeff’s expression was calm and focused which turned into a giant grin as soon as they hit the rapid. Tony started off all smiles then his eyes widened and his mouth dropped. When they hit the white water the canoe filled with water shockingly they made it to shore without capsizing.

We made it across Mackenzie Lake to our campsite where we wrapped up our day with dinner and debrief. Tomorrow is going to be a tough day but of course we will make it through just as we always do. We miss you all!

With Love,

The Monarch Tribe

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