Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 8 - Justin Morris

Quotes of the day:
1) “Success is temporary and failure isnʼt fatal.” -Mike Ditka
2) “Talk is cheap, that is until you hire a lawyer” - Dennis Rodman
3) “ A hypocrite is someone who complains about nudity & violence on their VCR.” -

Straight out of high school we didnʼt know what to do, wanted to go to college to get away and try something new. Today we find ourselves with an incredible view, something so big, something so blue. Lake Superior supplied our craving for knowledge, a monument worth saving according to our government. Their vision was clear and that was to preserve this piece of Ojibway indian history, an interpretation chief named Pam left us with little to no mystery. We learned that calling cards used to be left in birch in order to tell others with little search. Unlike other Native Americans, the Ojibway stayed put when times were tough, never, not once, abandoning their perch. The Ojibway stood tall, vowing to never give up, swearing to never fall. When the fur trade finally took a dive, the french and english in order to survive, headed for Canada to let the new Americans thrive. The portage trail used by suppliers remains intact with a visitor center built in 2007, meant for others to interact. Although 50 years late in creation, it represents the strength of one incredible sovereign nation.

Can you dig it?


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