Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 7 - Jennifer Longshore

Today’s Quotes;
“You cannot discover new oceans until you are willing to lose site of the land.”
-Fortune Cookie

“Your disability is your opportunity.”
-Kurt Hahn

“A dream is a wish your heart makes.”

This morning the group was woken up with a crisis. The percolator cap for the coffee pot was missing and Jeff was not pleased. Sarah, the LOD, organized a search and, after several minutes, Nicki found the missing piece where it had slipped off of the sink and underneath the Outward Bound shower house.

After a quick breakfast prepared by Nicki and Brandon, we packed up our gear and waited for our hosts at Outward Bound to arrive at our camp site to give us a tour of their facility. Once our hosts for the day, Mariah and Justin, arrived we had introductions and a couple of ice breakers to get the ball rolling. All of our spirits were high as we left camp to start our tour, but we were all shocked when we were immediately led to our old arch nemesis from Horn Field Campus: the Whale Watch.

The Whale Watch is a team building activity that involves moving your group in different ways across a giant seesaw. This frustrating activity took us about 12 hours to complete last spring, so we were sure that Jeff had plotted against us and asked our hosts to torture us with this initiative, but it turned out to be a horrible coincidence. To all of our surprise though, we were able to complete the exercise in around 30 minutes. This really shows how much our group has grown since we first came together last spring.

To finish up our tour we visited the dog yard, the Pieh Building, and the trip building. We then said our goodbyes so we could load up to find a place to eat lunch. We ended up having lunch in a parking lot next to a pleasant stream that we all enjoyed playing in while lunch was prepared.

After lunch we continued down the road to our scheduled campsite at Judge C.R. Magney State Park. Our LOD, Sarah, planned some free time into our day that would allow us to catch up on some homework. This was great because some of us have been struggling to find time to get everything done.

For dinner, Nicki and Brandon mixed up some cheesy potatoes with rice and chicken and a delicious Oreo pudding desert. After dinner we debriefed and then some of us went for a night hike while the rest of us stayed behind to clean or do more homework.

We all had another late night so it will be hard to get up in the morning for another full day. We will see how good of a mood Jeff will be in after he has to eat oatmeal for breakfast…

Until next rotation,

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