Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 14 - Sarah Heller

Ahoy, mateys! It is day 5 on this wretched English River. The crew got some good sleep last night where we landed the ships. After breakfast this morning, the assistant captain Steve gave a lesson on clouds and weather. Just in time before the rain, I might add. Then our first mate, Corey, taught us pirates a thing of two about how to stay warm and cool while on our travels. It was then time to load the ships and start heading further north. We took off full steam ahead and attacked the waters with a vengeance. The stratus clouds split from the sky and the sun came through to dry our decks.

As we made our way down the river, there were treacherous waters ahead. Our fearless captain, Jeff, led the crew through the rapids with ease, with his pirate paddler Molly on board. After clearing these waters we thought we would have smooth sailing for another great while, but up ahead there were more rapids. Four ships travelled down the chute to navigate these waters, but there was a small waterfall drop-off that could not be chanced. The ships were lined around and down the waterfall with no pirates on board. Jen and Monica were aboard one of the ships that made it through unscathed. The other three ships had to come ashore and carry their treasures across the land. Nicki, Brittany, and Katy were among the fearless crew that carried their heavy loads over logs and down to smoother water.

Our ships were cutting the water, travelling four clicks per hour. The sit-in captain, Heather, was hoping to travel great distances to a lake up north, but the mateys were tiring out and the day light was dwindling. A new task was put at hand to discover a place for the crew to land their ships in these ‘rocky’ waters and marshy terrain. My first mate, Tony, and I were the navigators for this entourage and we had to follow the winding curves around and around until we landed the ships on a bank and declared camp. We travelled a great distance of twelve miles today, which is good for all of the treasures we are packing. The crew is tired and one mate, Justin, a little sunburnt, but they are all in high spirits and ready to do their chores.

The ships were tied up and unloaded and all of the pirates cooked up some grub. It was then time for our crew to circle up and discuss the bloody day. The clever pirate, Brandon, was sure to correct the grammar of those mates who spoke of themselves before others. The brisk air set in and the starry sky illuminated the waters below. It is another late night for the crew and we must get some shut eye before day break tomorrow. Thanks for listening to the tales of the ECOEE pirates.

Until next time…ARRR!!
Buccaneer Helen Keller (Sarah Heller)

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