Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tap, tap, tap was the sound on the tent when I woke up. Today was a cold day, the coldest day so far. Luckily for me I was not Jake who had to make the decision whether or no we had to hike or stay. After much consideration Jake make the tough decision to stay at Papoose Lake. With snow blowing, toes frozen, and hands numb I couldn’t be happier. With time to spend in my Journal, my interpretation, any my thoughts it was good personal time in the tent. Well, good personal time when Jake and Derek were asleep. After they woke up we had tent dance parties, tattooing, discussions on weather, food (mostly steak) and most importantly Jake and his hobbit feet. After all that Derek and I have both agreed that if we have to spend one more whole day in a tent with Jake we are going to go crazy. It was a good learning experience on how to handle a person with some severe A.D.D.
With hours passing in the tent hunger began to take hold. With much discussion of what we were going to have while we were in our sleeping bags we finally make the initiative to cook, macaroni in a cheese sauce- yum yum! After killing a whole pan we jumped back into the tent only to snuggle into our sleeping bags. It was not long before I started to doze off, so I turned off my headlamp and we to bed.

-Stephen Gilbert

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