Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Emilie Litow//10-07-08


It is our first day of final and Ooter, Jake, Courtney, and I are ready to roll. We beat the other camp and were on our way to Echo Lake seven miles away. After sugar, honey fry bread for breakfast, we were on our way. We went up and down switchbacks all day, but our moods remained high. We were all laughing at our random jokes as we hiked the hardest switchback using the Rocky Mountain Rest Step. We had three causalities along the way. Jake lost his hat, and Courtney lost a shoe and her hat. Hopefully, those are our only causalities. We rested on the sandy beach where we had done evaluations and admired the beauty all around us. When we finally arrived at camp, we destroyed the fire ring, fixed everything soup, and falafel cakes with cream cheese. We stuffed our faces and groaning bellies. The bear hang was the best part of the day. We broke four limbs, almost decapitating myself with one of them. I was laughing so hard I about peed myself and I was not the only one. After our bear hang was done, we all went down to Baer Lake to look at a moon so bright and beautiful it can not be described in words. I was completely awestruck by the simplicity of its beauty. I felt so small standing there underneath the moon. We soon said our goodnights; Courtney and I left the boys dangling their feet above the water with the waves barely touching their feet. Courtney and I stayed up laughing and talking until we fell off to sleep. The day was long but filled with laughter and those are the best kind of days!

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