Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rise and shine on the trail again ya’ll. This hike is cross country but oh my, will it be a walk in the park compared to the hellish hike of yesterday. Ride the contour to the promise land group Good Hair Day. A few tedious stream crossings made easy by the teamwork of the fantastic four. Uncertainty takes us to the top of a plateau. I scout ten minutes ahead and scold myself for going cross country during hunting season and wearing all tan. I swiftly run back and figure it’s the wrong way. We tackle a devilish hill and find ourselves five minutes from our campsite. We set camp and began to feast as the snow accumulates all around our blue tarpped sanctuary. We wasted the rest of the afternoon away with light conversation and love for nature. We retire to our tent at a modest 6:45. Ooter and I are concerned we need some Geratol for our old decrepit selves.

Jake Yard

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