Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oh joy, the last two evaluations. Time to hike again!
Feels good to be back on the trail. Almost two miles into or trek to the Lizard Head Meadows and we run into a panicked Jeff with no Rose. He informed us that Rose is up the trail a ways feeling dizzy and puking the water she drinks. We catch up with her after stomping through a creek. She was still in high spirits but I definitely noticed flu like symptoms. Although she was in good spirits we decided to stop there and set up camp to give her a day to rest. We used the rest of the day to our own advantage by reading, working on schoolwork and simply relaxing to the sounds of nature. Later in the day we debriefed and went over how we handled the situation. Jeff seemed really pleased with us but still gave us some pointers to improve on.
Early night, delicious calzones and a lesson plan done. Hope Rose feels better in the morning…

Derek Hofeldt

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