Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A not so early morning was the start to great day at Camp Cuyamaca. After breakfast and bomb proofing camp we were off, Jeff driving down the winding roads like he was from New York City. Man I hate motion sickness. After a joyous arrival, upon which I could have kissed the ground we met Jeff’s friend Gregg. Gregg took us into the staff house where we learned a little about the program. While there we also learned whom we would be following for the rest of the day. Derek and I followed Jeb, he was very professional and great with the students (San Diego County 6th graders.) With Jeb we went on a 3 mile hike with the kids, Jeb stopping to do teachable moments along the way. These teachable moments didn’t even feel like lessons, for us, or the kids. After several stops for snacks and joining the hardcore club of apple eaters we arrived at out destination. Here we had lunch, then the students got to see it. A great waterfall for them to play in! They were having a great time in nature, this is something there parents might not have let them do at home. Under Jeb’s watchful eye they were having a safe and fun time. I have never seen kids so happy. I was very impressed with Jeb’s program and how professional he was. We were then off to see Principal Gregg and learn about how the school was ran. He talked to us about the staffing , budget, disciplinary system and various other parts of the management. It was then that I learned why the staff was so professional, they all had previous experience in the field. It was great to hear form Gregg and after we gave him an ECOEE mug we were off back to camp. After a shower and doing some homework, it’s time to crash.


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