Friday, October 24, 2008

South rim of the Grand Canyon

Rise and shine on another glorious day here at the Grand Canyon National Park. Today was like yesterday but everything was different. Egg drop breakfast was the beginning of our fabulous day. While I hate eggs I was able to stomach the thought of eating them with a false bet of $20.00 from Derek. Josh had to stop at the bathroom before his kidneys exploded so the rest of the group headed to the walk and talk with Jim about fossils. Jake and I decided to skip the talk because it was already about twenty minutes through. We sat on the rim and enjoyed the whole in the Earth that everyone came to see. We looked at the newspaper and tried to find another talk for the morning. We had great success and headed for the Observation Center and the Colorado River talk. We jumped on a bus and thanks to Mrs. Personality Laura, who could have had a whole tour route to herself, we missed the next talk we planned on attending. She could have had a whole critique written on her voice in fluctuation and skills. We missed yet another talk thanks to our amazing scene of direction Jake and I ended back up at camp, so we decided to start prepping for lunch. Tuna, salad, and bread that was made to perfection. We took off and headed for what we hoped would be our first talk of the day. A ranger’s choice, so glad we went to this one. Kris bowline or “k-Bow” as she liked to be called by her friends gave an amazing interp. She talked to us for a good half an hour after the presentation from everything about her childhood, to her master’s degree and how she was another peoson along the way who was jealous of the opportunity we have on this trip. Tomato soup and grilled cheese was for dinner. Pretty good for someone who cant cook. Everyone helped with putting things away for the evening and then the group headed to the talk about, “ A tale of two Roosevelts.” Nichole was presenting this enthusiastic talk, she was super excited and she should have been she made the presentation. Some of the information could have been expanded upon but she covered tons that was very informative, probably a bit to much. I finally finished Twilight and am passing the excitement onto Rose, New Moon here I come!

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