Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh a warm cozy bed how I missed thee! After getting out of the backcountry and sleeping in a hotel I have been sleeping like a baby. The past two days have spoiled us with warm rooms, large beds, laundered cloths, steaming hot showers, but most importantly the meals that you don’t have to add water too. But today would be a very important day for the group, we would do what we could only dream of in the backcountry-eat at a Chinese Buffet. This would have some consequences to some of us later, me being one of them, but it was totally worth it nonetheless.
After living up the dream a few of us had to go grocery shopping for the food that would last us for the trip in the Grand Tetons. With much food left over from the backcountry we were again under budget, how good it feels. Next stop was trying to find another home. Ours plans to stay at the local park were spoiled when we found out that the bathrooms were closed. I don’t think that Lander would appreciate cat holes or latrines dug at the local park, especially after we hit up a Chinese Buffet. The FOD, who happened to be Ooter, decided to stay at another motel-Whoopee!
Once things were organized and motel rooms were found the Chinese food began to get the best of me. I began to think that it was not a dream but a nightmare! Guess Chinese food was still too early for my stomach! After lying down for a while and watching some “Heroes” the stomach pain started to subside. All except for the stomach pain the day turned out to me a very relaxing day, which I always enjoy when we get the chance.

-Stephen Gilbert

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