Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ryan DeBoer @ the Grand Canyon

A great long night’s sleep to replenish my soul,
And a wonderful breakfast to fill my bowl.

A lack of planning had made us late,
But that stopped none from making the day great.

So maybe we missed the fossil walk,
But we all got to see some interesting talks.

I made Shible’s morning rough with a bad attitude,
I need to start showing more gratitude.

The decision was made to go out on our own,
Into the Grand Canyon we were thrown.

To the visitor center Derek and I ran,
To scout out the day and make our plan.

We decided to join the river walk,
But the river wasn’t the main point of the talk.

From that talk, we learned a great lesson,
As an interpretive speaker one must make an impression.

Ranger Bob’s talk was the opposite,
The CCC changed America and I’ll never forget.

He captivated the audience by telling a story,
Oh the difference it made, just think of Old Glory.

That old banner is not just a flag,
It’s a representation that life’s not that bad.

FDR took over in a time of crisis,
But his quick work made him one of the nicest.

Billions of trees were planted and thrive,
It was for conservation that FDR strived.

He helped create many government parks,
That allow millions of people to camp out in the dark.

Most look up to see the beautiful stars,
And they get a great feeling of where they are.

Not a particular location, but a place in life,
For me at least, it all feels so right.

Our group has our struggles, but we’re all getting better,
There’s too much to say to put it in letters.

We are all beginning to develop our norms,
And I pray for the day we start to perform.

To the Pacific we’ll be heading soon,
To camp underneath the southwestern moon.

We may be worried about homework and grades,
But there’s not a student on campus with whom spots I would trade.

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