Friday, October 4, 2013

10/4/13-A poem of chaos

A Poem of Chaos
Elizabeth Flesher
The government shut down, oh no what to do?

Should we pack up and leave to Kalamazoo?
Our plans that we make almost always go wrong,
But that is okay because we are all so strong.
The LOW’s made a plan by making a call,
To Ogden Nature Center this very cold fall.
We woke up at 7 to be there by 9
And discovered this place to be mighty fine.
Bird houses covered the path of our first walk,
And we met with Susan to have a great talk.
A “tee-tee” a “tee-tee” a kindergartener let out a yell
A tee pee he meant
which Susan did tell.
Edible and medicinal plants were taught on the walk,
As the centers ravens and hawks let out a squawk.
Chi-ca-go Chi-ca-go said the the California Quail,
As it sang its song and let out a wail.
An eagles nest which is 8 feet long,
Fit 26 children as they wallowed along.
As our education came to an end,
We all gathered around in a circular bend.
Mary the director told us how things are ran,
And then we began our way back to the van.
Tyler’s 24th birthday is on this October 4th day,
So let’s all shout out hip-hip-hooray!
A book was given by Jeff and Shane,
That may or may not have given him fame.
“On the day you were born” the book was called,
which Tyler read aloud and never stalled.
We packed in the vans and continued along,
On this journey of life that makes us strong.
A city called Cedar we are adventuring too,
And to our surprise Kevin never even let out a “moo”.
6 hours later we unpacked our tent,
and ate out until we all were spent.
Goodnight to all, goodnight we all say,
Until we meet tomorrow during the day.

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