Friday, October 18, 2013

10/18/13-Like A Tree

“Like A Tree”
Cassandra Roy

            Another day comes to an end for ECOEE 2013; and with that once again we are filled with more knowledge, more trust, more power, and more warm fuzzies as our group likes to say.
            Our tent groups awoke this morning and started the hike to our meeting spot for the day; which for most was a 20 minute uphill hike. It was on this hike that some of us encountered a grand tree; the Jeffery Pine. Like this particular pine our group started small. We grew from the ground up, starting as strangers and becoming our own diverse group. Like the Jeffery Pine we have faced winds in the forms of arguments, snows in the forms of accidents, and slopes in the form of the government shutting down; but as with the pine we have not let any of this stop our growth as a group. We will continue to grow, to trust, and to love one another despite what is thrown in our paths. S0me may even say that these roadblocks are not really roadblocks at all but another way to learn and to grow.
            Today, for example, we used a fixed line to climb/walk up a truly terrifying mountain. Only after accomplishing this task were we expected to repel off the other side. Now if there is one thing to know about the Jeffery Pine it is that when a twig is broken a certain aroma comes out. To some it is pineapples, other violets, others vanilla, and the list goes on and on. I think of today’s experience and our group as each of these twigs. Some of us had the smell of fear, others excitement, other’s nerves, and some pure enjoyment.
            Our group together can form this tree. We grew together to form an amazing spectacle; one that can withstand almost anything that is thrown at us. We all differ but in the end it is our roots that keep us together.

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