Sunday, October 13, 2013

10/13/13 - "Day 64"

"Day 64"
Shayla Hill
Today was a struggle for many of us in our group. It was the first day of our backpacking expedition. After breakfast this morning we learned how to pack our backpacks from Emily. Like always, it may have taken us longer than it should have, but we got it done and started our drive up the mountain.
            Once we reached our destination to leave the vans behind and start our hike up we all took a minute to get a few pointers from the all mighty Jeff. So far only one of us can put on the pack like him by throwing it over your head. Eventually we all had our huge packs on our back and started up. Little did some of us know exactly how much of a challenge this was going to be.
            Not even forty yards up with this huge eighty five pound pack on my back I, myself was thinking you’ve got to be kidding me! I’m going to either fall backwards all the way back down to the bottom, or fall forward right on my face! I kept going on step at a time though, constantly telling myself that I can do it. The group as a whole was motivating each other all the way up.
            Even though our first stop for a break wasn’t that far and we could still see the vans down at the bottom, it was absolutely beautiful. All of that muscle burning hard work was so worth it. II had immediately forgotten about the pain of getting to where I was. Once everyone had caught up, we continued on to one of the first campsites for part of the group.
            Yet again we did it! A lot of us didn’t think we would be able to make it and we did. These next couple of weeks will most certainly be a challenge for our
group, but I know we can do it, because our group doesn’t give up, we keep on keepin’ on.
            “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius

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