Monday, October 28, 2013

10/28/13 Quinn Moore

     “A new day, a new experience"
Quinn Moore
 Today stated off as any normal day for the ECOEE group. We all rolled out of bed and wiped the sleep from our eyes before we began our day. As I ate my delicious breakfast I thought to myself “today is a new day, let’s hope it is a good one!” Today the group was headed to Los Angeles County Science School. Once we packed up all of gear we headed down the road to the school. Once we arrived at the school the feeling of the group was excitement mixed with nervousness. The group had a mixture of these feelings because we will be spending the entire week leading and teaching fifth graders. Upon our arrival the group exited the vans faster than I have ever seen before. Our meeting with the executive director Greg went well because the whole group talked about our experience in the outdoor education field. Jeff mentioned to the staff that each group member had an outdoor education topic to teach, and they quiz us on our knowledge. I became a little worried because it’s hard enough to teach people that I have been living with for the past 70 days, without having to teach hyper ten year olds. After our enlightening meeting the group gathered around the dining hall to wait for the kids to arrive. Once the kids arrived in four school buses we proceeded to unload all of their suitcases. Holy cow I never realized how much stuff these kids would bring for five days. Some of these suitcases were heavier than the pack I carried in the mountains. After the dump truck size luggage was brought to the cabins it was unloaded once again. After that mess was dealt with we proceeded to the meeting spot where we were going to be assign kids and cabin numbers. Walking into the amphitheater and seeing all the kids brought back the fun memories of the time I worked at a summer camp. After Kevin and I received our kids for the week we took them back to the cabin to unload their luggage. After a few small name games, and after their luggage was unloaded the rest of the night consisted of campfires, night hikes, and scavenger hunts. Our night ended at 9:30pm and I know I was happy to end that early and I think Kevin felt the same way. When I finally laid down on a real bed I thought back to my childhood experiences of dissecting owl pellets, and science experiments. I realized these kids have a great opportunity to experience a lot this week, and I am looking forward to helping them along. As I write in this journal I thought to myself “man I finally have some free time, and I’m spending it thinking about owl pellets!”
     “Roses are red
     Violets are blue
     These kids are crazy
     And so am I”
·  Quinn Moore

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