Sunday, October 6, 2013

10/6/13-What a Visit

What a Visit
Kevin Williams

            Waking up this morning I was excited to visit Red Cliff Ascent with former ECOEE member Kelly Bauer. This place is a therapeutic program for at risk youth that ranges from drug use to gang activity. We picked up Kelly from her house in Cedar City and drove an hour to enterprise, Utah where we met two of Kelly’s colleagues. There we talked with them and asked them questions about the program. After that we drove another hour to Red Cliff Ascent’s base camp called outpost. There we were able to meet a group of at risk youth and were able to talk to them about why they were there and how their experiences there were. Gaining a deeper insight by talking to the participants we were on our way to go spend a night as they did at Red Cliff Ascent. Going down a gravel, bumpy, dusty road, BAM! We were hit by our other van. Everyone in my van was ok, but I looked in the rearview mirror and the ECOEE minivan was dented in and smoking. I hopped out to find everyone was out of the minivan being taken care of by trained WFRs we had on our course. Emily and Shane were sent to the hospital to get a better diagnosis by the doctor, which ended up with Emily getting 4 staples on the top of her head. While all the hospital stuff was going on, the rest of the group went with Kelly to dig a fire hole, set up a sleeping and camp area, collect firewood, and carve our own spoons. Waiting for the rest of the group to get back I sat around the fire reflecting on how well the group responded to help one another right after the incident; the WFRs instantly went into their modes from what they were taught, while other group members assisted in any way possible, listening to directions that were given. Overall today was unexpected, confusing, and a little scary for most; yet everyone handled things well and worked as a team better than ever before. It was a very unfortunate day that ended with everyone safe and warm eating dinner with one another. I can say everyone was extremely grateful that no one got seriously injured and we can keep on keepin on with our expedition.  Every experience out here is teaching us more and allowing us to grow stronger as human beings.

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