Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Elizabeth Flesher
How to tell someone how you feel; when should you speak up? The one thing that I took from today was when Jeff sat us down and asked us how we felt about the past couple days and our experience. Why should you speak up? If you go through life thinking everything is good and never realizing your faults, how will you ever grow as a person. It is easy to pick out things about the other people you don't like, and it is human nature to justify reasoning for the way you act. One thing I was taught growing up is to always tell people how you feel. Being with a group for 4 months everyone needs to be honest with other or issues will never be settled. 
       When should you speak up? This is the question I ponder all the time; if you speak up too much no one wants to listen and if you don't speak up enough no one will ever hear your voice. 
       Differences, everyone has them......we were all raised and taught different things. So who is right? There is never one right way to do something, we all want to have things our way (some are more vocal about it then others). The couple of things I have learned over the past couple months are learning to love yourself and striving to do your best. In the end the battle is only with yourself. Who you want to be and where you want your life to take you is up to you. Remember, every moment is a blessing, every opportunity we have makes us stronger, and every day spent on ECOEE changes us physically, emotionally, and mentally. I leave you with this quote, "love the life you live and live the life you love."

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