Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sep 30, 2012- Dalton Schaller

Today the ECOEE group prepared to set off on another adventure. One filled with many new and amazing sites as well as some perils along the way. To start the adventure we all had to be well fed. Chef Cody stuffed us with pancake battered jelly sandwiches and some pancakes to top it off. After that we cleaned up our area and set off on the long path ahead of us. The journey was going smoothly for a while and we were seeing many of the same sights. Then the sights began to change. Before we knew it we had gone from trees everywhere to a lot of shrubbery and ranches. It was almost desert-like. We continued unwavering down our path until we reached a town called Gunnison. There we needed to eat our second meal of the day and decided to have it at a place called McDonalds. However, some of the group appeared to be worse when they left than when they arrived. Nevertheless, we continued on our path towards the site called Purgatory. We continued for a while and as we went further the scenery began to change again. This time it was full of tall mountains with many jagged peaks and a lot of trees. We went along and up the mountainsides and found that we were slowed down by curvy paths and being trapped between drop-offs and giant rock faces. The group kept pushing through and we got past that difficulty and were close to our next temporary home of Purgatory. Little did we know that it was a very hidden site and we were forced to settle for a new stopping point. After arrival we ate our dinner and prepped for our next journey to a place called Colvig Silver in Durango. Dalton Schaller

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