Saturday, October 20, 2012

ECOEE Day 40, 9/19/2012 - Jeremy Naberhaus

Today I woke up to the sound of the highway. I and everyone else packed our stuff up and quickly and hopped into the van. Today’s breakfast was one of excitement and luxury because this breakfast was one not one of gritty hot drink and mash of some sort. No today’s breakfast was bestowed upon us by a great man name Tim Horton. We wondered about for so long about this magical place, why was the line so long why is there so many of them? Today was the day that all our questions were answered. The lines were long because the coffee and hot cider was brewed by the hands of true Canadians, the donuts made taste buds jump with joy and the breakfast sandwiches were the least greasiest breakfast sandwiches we ever had. After splurging and learning about the greatness that is Tim Horton we went back to the van and drove. Jess and Jon got to drive and they did a great job. We also went to Culver’s and clogged our arteries with happiness that I call hamburgers and ice cream. We then drove some more, people worked on stuff and had time to contact love ones. We finally visited are good old friends the gates. We got to eat choosey and stuffed our faces with cake and ice cream. Then Cody’s real talk by the fireside. After that we got to hear stories and facts from Gator then we all hit the thermArest Jeremy Naberhaus

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