Saturday, October 20, 2012

September 29, 2012 - Sarah Welsh

Note: This journal entry is written through the eyes of Bryan from the Welcome center, somewhere in Colorado that I will not mention. My theory is he was very nervous so he was hiding, but watching us. I peered through the window of the visitor center as the students from Western Illinois University piled one-by-one out of their van. I have been very anxious about this moment for the past month, ever since Jeremy called me. They started coming towards the center and as soon as the first one opened the door, I bailed… I left a note on the counter telling my fellow employees to cover for me. The students just looked so professional in their navy blue polo’s; I did not feel that I would match their expectations. Originally I hid behind the desk while the students asked where I was. As they continued on touring the welcome center, after my co-worker made up the lame excuse that I was refereeing a soccer game, I snuck out. I watched from behind the horse-drawn-carriage as the group split apart to wander the city for awhile. The girls went left and hit up some local souvenir shops and Starbucks. I laughed as they claimed a man in a referee shirt to be me, and the littlest one, they called her Ruby, stalked him in a tree for awhile. It humored me. I took a walk over to see what the guys were doing and first noticed them in a second-hand bookshop. One bought a Sylvester Stallone book (this must have been Jeremy, the one that contacted me, because he seemed like a guy that would enjoy Stallone). I then trailed them over to the Celtic Festival where they enjoyed music and even engaged in a boot dance. I watched as I enjoyed a delicious sandwich made for me by my wife. She makes great sandwiches. The group met back at their van and I brushed past them just in time to hear where they were headed next. They were going to Dillon and then on to the Dam Brewery for dinner. I am upset with myself for chickening out of the appointment today, but it appeared that they still had a good day. Oh well, I am looking forward to another sandwich when I get home. Bryan (AKA, Sarah)

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