Saturday, November 24, 2012

October 1, 2012 - Jessica Sauer

Our group woke up this morning to a delicious breakfast prepared by Jeremy and Jon. It was liked so much that some people even went back for sevenths and eighths. After we all got the sites cleaned up we packed the van and trailer and we were on our way to Colvig Silver Camp. After many twists and turns down beautiful farm roads we made it to our destination. Right off the bat Jamiee, our tour guide for the day gave us a better introduction than we could have asked for. Giving us pamphlets and charts, and answering most of our questions before they were even asked, I felt well educated on the way Colvig Silver was run. The biggest part that stood out to me in her introduction was that the camp was privately owned and I was curious to see if that would make any significant differences. We started our tour around the 650 acres of land and it was one of the coolest summer camps that I had ever seen. The layout of the camp was open and hilly which had to give the campers and staff and great workout each day. A few people seemed like this could be a possible summer opportunity to help build up resumes while enjoying the beautiful wilderness around them. As we said out goodbye’s we headed towards Durango to spend some much needed time in the library. After lots of typing, searching, and printing our time at the library was up and we had to continue our road trip. We had a slight change of plans, and the LOWs decided to drive straight to Hovenweep National Monument. The climate changed once again and I do have to say, it was very nice knowing that I wouldn’t be waking up to frosty grounds. The desert was warm and dry and it seemed like everybody loved it. After a great cowboy stew and cornbread dinner followed by debrief, I prepared for bed eager to wake up and learn about the next portion of our journey.

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