Saturday, October 20, 2012

September 28, 2012 - Kelly Bauer

Day 49 – Friday – September 28, 2012 Today we woke up on an entirely different planet. As we peeked out of our frozen shelters a new sight was revealed. The blinding whiteness of our surroundings temporarily blinded us but then we remembered our mission, to explore this new, mountainous land and the beings around us. We hopped in our spaceship; without the cargo pod we were able to travel at warp speed to our first destination. Our first stop was a planet that goes by the name of Keystone. The travel time was short not only because of our capacity to travel at warp speed but because Keystone is also in the Summit Galaxy. To make the most of our visit we chose to meet with those that educate the future leaders of this and surrounding planets. We greeted their leader Patrick with professional attire to show that we come in peace. He and his fellow Keystonelings welcomed us graciously and let us follow them through the morning activities with the younglings to observe their educational ways. We watched as they utilized the same scientific method that we use on our planet. We all learned from the Keystonelings that the scientific method can be utilized in creative ways to engage younglings. Overall it was a great experience and some of us are considering coming back as ambassadors to learn more and eventually join their culture. Next stop was Breckenridge Planet, which too is in the Summit Galaxy so the ride was also short. We chose t meet with a program that works with a variety of different planets and beings with special needs. They provide adaptive recreation and had one of the coolest ropes courses I have seen in and solar system. This visit showed us the variety of interests we can pursue after our cross-galaxy expedition. A past member of our space crew currently works there with the Breckenridgelings and she followed us back to our base camp planet to answer more questions about her experience in the Western galaxies. Tomorrow we will return to Breckenridge Planet to visit the famed one they call Brian. He is some sort of leader on their planet and we will learn his ways. Goodnight Earthlings and may the force be with you.

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