Saturday, October 20, 2012

September 21,2012 - Dalton Schaller

Today we started with an early breakfast and then work. We started off by splitting the group into 2. One group went with Jeff to campus to take care of some business and to talk to students in the classrooms about ECOEE. The other group stayed back at Horn Field to do some more packing and paper work. As the day went on the group at Horn Field found themselves completing everything very quickly and not having much left to do other than wait for Jeff to get back so the trailer could be packed. Once the group finally returned from the school everyone jumped back into working mode in order to complete everything as quickly as possible. In a short period of time the trailers were loaded with everything that was ready. After that we were greeted by Neal which was a pleasant surprise. He joined the rest of the group and we went through the pictures and told him stories about Canada. He even stayed for a while and ate dinner with us which made it feel like he was part of the group again. However, he eventually left and went back to civilization. Shortly after Neal left we had a brief of tomorrow’s events and now the group is doing some more work to prepare for the trip out west. Now I am going to say goodnight and finish up some last minute things myself. Dalton Schaller

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