Saturday, October 20, 2012

September 25, 2012 - Sarah Welsh

Written from the view of the fly in the van. . . I woke up with the kids around 5 AM this morning at Horn Field Campus. I watched through my kaleidoscope eyes as they frantically packed the van and trailer and mopped the cabins. I noticed that the doors were closing so I jumped on the closest one possible; I believe they call him Cody, and joined them in my curiosity. The one they call Jon was the first driver and he drove through the thunder and lightning as far as he could until their leader (the one they were saying happy birthday to this morning) took over the wheel. I, like most of the group, had gotten my rest in early and started buzzing around and being antsy. The group in the back of the van was playing some game in which they would find cows on the side of the road, claim them, and then the other members would find ways to kill the cows. It made me really want to go sink my legs into a big pile of cow scat myself! A few hours later the one they call Jessica took over. They appeared to be heading west. They stopped at multiple gas stops along the way and I decided to pick up a hitchhiker at one of the stations to keep me company. Me and the hitchhiker had a few close encounters with Jeff swatting at us, but regardless of his efforts to take us out, we made it to the final destination; a KOA campground in Limon, CO. My mystery is resolved in knowing my destination for the day, but I cannot decide if I will make this my new home or continue on with the group in the morning. I guess they will find out tomorrow. Buzz (Fly)

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Ha Ha love this one!