Saturday, October 20, 2012

September 27, 2012 - Jeremy Naberhaus

-it’s been a while sense we had a rap so put your hands together and let me hear you clap -woke up in a nice warm house had a meaty breakfast from don and his spouse -talked to Don about where he use to hang his hat turned out he use live next to the town where I am at. -took a pie then headed the van saw big boy ben and he was the man -He would rather be outside instead of using a pen with ink best part is when he asked what do you think? -Had a hard time getting out of the lot, people on the inside watching us get into a tight spot. -First time on a mountain road got me excited and in wilderness mode. -Showed up at the campsite with plenty of light, it’s a beautiful place I am glad that I am here for three nights -Had a good lesson on kitchen set up and a good meal and that’s no lie I’m super noonway I am rocky mountain high. -After dinner we debriefed I forgot to mention outward bound deals with kids who have grief . -I’m super sleepy I got to hit the hey about to see Brian in 2 days Jeremy J. Naberhaus

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