Wednesday, November 3, 2010


“I SCREAM Mountain!”
LACOSS Day 2/1st full day

Trying to put today into words…not going so well. I can say that what ever this entry ends up saying, it will be nothing but positives.

Being at LACOSS (LA County Science School) for just these past 36 hours has been something of a whirl wind adventure. So far it has been a lot of familiar territory when it comes to the kids. There is just a bit of unfamiliarity with the schedule, activities, logistics and such. However, it has all been easy to adapt to. Having done something like this for about eight summers, it is not that hard to grasp. Here and my camp are quite different in that one is a summer camp and this one is a science school. The programs, facility, songs are all a little different too, there are still similarities, just presented differently.
Anyways, back to something you might actually enjoy. Today was fantastic. It started out with lots of screaming, excited girls who were nervous as heck. It was like they did not know why they should be excited, just that…well they should be so are. While getting dressed and ready for the day I found my first task. Teach a 5th grader to tie her shoes. Second task, get some not so experienced girls up a mountain in 85 degrees and sun beating down.
Result, some pretty beat, but proud girls who only whined a little in the beginning.
This is going to be a GREAT week. I can feel it!


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