Monday, November 22, 2010


Baja, California (Desert Island): “Pinned”

ECOEE Log, 2:00am, wind has subsided to almost nothing at all. The moon is brighter than my headlamp and it shows me that I am buried in sand and laying *next* to my thermarest (awesome….) Though these are the perfect weather conditions to depart this desert isle (minus not having any sunlight) I content myself by falling back asleep. 4:00am, I am awakened by gusts of wind as I’m buried in the sand, again. There is no shelter from this cruel beast, sand-blasting us with every howl. We must get out. We must get out. By 6:00am my tandem kayak is leaded and ready to go – that’s when I get word we are holding out for better conditions. To occupy myself, I investigate a large intrusion about a hundred feet up a drainage near a beach. I am amazed by its size. I am amazed by its size. “Hey, Pat, is this geology?” I only wish he were here for that moment (it’s an inside joke thing.) Upon climbing down, weathering the wind, I finally find Pat as we stroll down the beach to investigate some shark remains. Gulls by the dozen soar and dart overhead. They were clearly offended at our presence. They’ll have to deal with it. By about 10:00am we’re good to go as the wind backs down. With three of our crew feeling ill, they are placed in he bow of the tandems. One of the sicklies, Ryan, was in my boat. Not long after taking off, he expels the “thing my body Is wanting to get out – one way or the other.” (That’s how he put is all morning…) I literally saw an entire pancake come out. Food for the fishes! Nom nom nom. Thankfully we made it back without anyone perishing. Casa Azul met us warmly as we began storing and cleaning things, the rest of the day being spend low-key. It’s hard to believe that our back country experiences have come to an end for ECOEE 2010. A real bittersweet experience. Whatever the case – it was a hell of a ride (this time around, especially.) Francisco’s wisdom and stories were great motivators along out brief journey. *This guy needs to write a book or get a radio show.* Students are wrapping up lessons – something that for the longest time seemed unattainable. But before we forget – there is still much to do and many miles to go. In many ways, ECOEE is a love/hate relationship – based on life. I will miss it when my time here is through and I look forward to what is ahead. “The wealthiest person is a pauper at times compared to a man with a satisfied mind.”

Denver Murphy

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