Saturday, November 20, 2010


Lions! And Tigers! And Bears! O MY!

Actually not really.
Instead, sea lions, sting rays and octopus, O MY!
Today was a good day for the most part. Though is started out “slow,” and by it I mean we, the day was filling to say the least. We started off with a good two hour paddle. There were people laughing, people trying to get others to laugh, and others just enjoying the ride.
A big favorite of mine on this expedition is the ride. Every day is so different from the next in so many ways. Mainly by the jaw dropping sites we see, the wildlife we encounter, the activities we do, and the billions of things we learn each day. When I say billions it is not an exaggeration by the way. We tend to learn a lot of things more than once until it finally clicks…or doesn’t. But I am not going to talk about our hair pulling or hair turning gray learning methods.
Instead I would like to talk about the animals and places we have seen. Today was our second day in the Kayaks in the Golf of California. In two days we have seen so much. Today we paddled into a bay with porpoises following is. We pulled in, got to the other side of the island and saw a beautiful rock beach. There I found lots of little shells, a big piece of leaf coral, and a sunflower starfish! But that is not it. When we got back to camp we heard a few lessons and then went snorkeling.
I have never done this before so it was quite the, well let’s call it and experience. I am as I found out, not very coordinated with flippers, mask and snorkel. BUT! It did not matter. During my attempts I saw lots of sting rays and fish, a few star fish, a sea lion, and others saw and octopus. I could not se the octopus due to my inability to get over the rocks with my flippers on. So I shall enjoy it through the eyes of those that did.
ECOEE to me is a lot like what this day was, a lot of new sites, meeting new creatures, trying and learning new things and missing out on awsomness due to our inabilities. But, all in all having a blast and making memories that will last a lifetime. Such as, the minor earthquake I created due to dinner, and my “marging” through a snorkel or living in a new unexplainably awesome place about every night.
For as bitter sweet as ECOEE is it is way more sweet that bitter and I would not trade it for anything else.

Peace and Love,
Kate Nelson

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