Saturday, November 27, 2010


Bordering Experiences

Before leaving for Mexico many people told us not to go. They said it was too dangerous right now and it would be smart to stay out of it.
Well today, two weeks later, we left Mexico all in one piece and headed to San Diego State University. I for one am glad we did not listen to all of those folks that’s told us not to go. The trip was to great to pass up, leaving today was ruff! Every person we met was so nice, welcoming, and personable in the sense that they became friends. It is always hard to leave friends.
I will always remember Ramon as the super smiley all the time guy that lead are pack mules and singing every step of the way. I will remember Francisco’s, the fearless leader who always positive, blunt and loved to share his words of wisdom that always hit the spot. Elizabeth I will remember as the sweet person who loves Sea Turtles and helping people help the environment (she lead our service project). Then Hermin, O Hermin, that’s about all I am going to say about that. 
Mexico has marked its territory in my memories, something I will never forget. My next trip to Mexico will never live up to this one, though, I will be back. For now I will get my work done and live my life. But I will always know that I will be traveling to Mexico again. I have seen a REALLY great piece of it, now I want the whole picture.

Peace and Love,
Kate Nelson

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