Thursday, November 11, 2010


San Diego State

It’s a week until my 22nd birthday and that means that we’ll be home! But first we must venture south, deep DEEP south, across the border to Mexico. Everyone back home seems to be mortified about me coming down here. They said some American was decapitated a few weeks ago, and 108 Americans have been murdered down here since 2009. But that’s not such a deterrent to me. If anything it adds more to my sense of adventure, besides, I’m sure we’ll be fine. We’ll have Francisco, our local celebrity/leader. If it weren’t safe Jeff and Francisco wouldn’t let us come down.

So tomorrow we depart, bright and early for our long drive to Casa Azul in Bahi de Los Angeles. I can’t wait to see what it’s like over there. Remembering back to Canada and seeing how different things were up there, I can only imagine how different the world will be south of the border. Vive la Mexico!


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