Saturday, November 13, 2010


“Back in the Backcountry”
Were back in the backcountry and tarantula’s are everywhere. We haven’t seen any yet but I swear I feel their presence. Before we got to our camp we played a game called cadaver. Since this was the rockiest road I’ve ever been on it was perfect for this game. Everyone goes limp, like a cadaver before rigamortis sets in, then you bounce around and wherever you end up, you end up. Heads bumped, people fell to the floor boards, Pat was wedged between the door and the seat. We almost became real cadavers when the van started filling with gas fumes. So we stopped and checked the van. We found nothing so we kept moving. Then we made it to donkey doo campsite where we had delicious vegetarian stew and backcountry banana splits. After a long hot day it was nice to sleep under the stars.

“I keep my head in the sky and my roots in this ground, I’m not a patriotic man but for what its worth, I pledge allegiance to this land of my mother earth.” JBT


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